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Join the DSiAM Talent Files



Join the DSiAM Talent Files



Join the DSiAM Talent Files

Who: DSiAM’s casting liaison service is offered to any child or adult with Down syndrome (or other developmental disability) who wishes to pursue a career in acting, modeling or entertainment. DSiAM is an international service and will provide its services for any individual, no matter where they reside.

What: DSiAM will promote its talent and submit head shots, resumes and contact information to potential employers. DSiAM will also bring opportunities to its talent from potential employers’ disability and diversity programs. DSiAM assists with gaining representation by a talent agency when needed. If/when talent has agent representation DSiAM will submit all talent materials with agency contact information included.

When: The services of DSiAM will be available to whoever completes the contact information form and signs the consent for release of information and provides appropriate materials requested; i.e. head shot/photo and resume.

Where: DSiAM is a casting service offered by Gail Williamson, a well know Hollywood advocate, on behalf of individuals with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. DSiAM will submit talent to the Hollywood Community as well as all other geographic areas in the US and the world as talent is requested.

Why: DSiAM has been created to meet the ever growing need for talent with Down syndrome and developmental disabilities. DSiAM will also provide information about the industry and support to its talent to better prepare them to work in the industry.

How: Just follow the guidelines detailed on this page.

Headshots: There is no need for professional headshots. A simple home snap-shot is all that is needed to get started. The photo should be from waist height up with the talent looking straight into the camera. The photo needs to be in color and in focus. There shouldn not be anyone else or anything that distracts from the talent in the photo. This can be forwarded as a pdf to Gail@DSiAM.org

Resume: See an example of a beginner’s resume here. There is also an editable MS Word version here. All performances in front of an audience count as credits when you are just getting started. Any school or community production no matter how small will let a casting director know the talent has been able to perform in front of an audience. As the resume grows the less important credits can be removed.

Consent Form: The Consent Form is available here. This is necessary in order to allow the talent's photo to be submitted to casting directors and posted on line on DSiAM website and FaceBook page.

California Work Permits: Information on California work permits for minors can be found here.

Gail Williamson,
818-769-9111 office

Mailing Address:
Gail Williamson,
c/o KMR Talent & Associates
11969 Ventura Blvd, 3rd Floor, Box 7409
Studio City, CA 91604

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Additional Information For Minors

An Entertainment WORK PERMIT is needed in California for a minor child (under age 18).  Work permits are also needed in the state of New York.  A child needs a work permit when they are a resident of the state requiring one, when they are working in that state, or when their contract is written in that state. 

Example: When Blair Williamson worked on location for a film in Nebraska when he was 14 years old, he needed work permit because he was a resident of California and his contract was written by a production company in California.  It didn’t matter that the work was performed in Nebraska. 

You keep the work permit with the Child/Talent and bring it to set when working for the Studio Teacher/Social Worker to sign. The Department of Labor locations to obtain Work Permit for California Minors or others working in California.  The Van Nuys, CA Labor Office offers the only same day service.

A BLOCKED COOGAN TRUST ACCOUNT is needed once a minor child (under age 18) works and receives payment.  If you don’t have it when the Child/Talent works you must get it within a couple of days in order for the Child/Talent to be paid.  DSiAM suggests that you research and locate a financial institution where you can get the minor child’s Coogan Account so you can do it quickly once the Child/Talent works.

Information about California Entertainment Labor Laws for Children/Minorscan be found here.