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Shenna Metal Experience, March 1, 2012

Featuring one hour with DSiAM’s Gail Williamson and David Zimmerman on actors with Down Syndrome, with call from Lauren Potter and Robin Trocki of GLEE and Jamie Brewer from AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

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Entertainmet Weekly

See the Entertainment Weekly story featuring actors with down Syndrome in the March 2, 2012 edition.

Krystal's Big Break
Could my daughter, who has Down syndrome, succeed in her first major role?

Gail & Blair Williamson’s comments in
L.A. Times’ Article “Raising Stars”

“Mr. Blue Sky” star Ashley Wolfe with cast members Katelyn Reed and Haley Ramm and director Sarah Gurfield. More info...

Michael Johnson, Painter
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Jimmy English cast in video for Taco Bell Corp. More info...



Online Service to Locate Talent with Developmental Disabilities

Hollywood, CA…After years of supplying talent with developmental disabilities to casting directors in Hollywood for films and television and across the U.S. for commercial advertising and industrial films, media activist and consultant Gail Williamson has created a website just for talent who have Down syndrome or other developmental disabilities.  Down Syndrome in Arts & Media, DSiAM pronounced “D.S. I am” is now on line and collecting talent for its data base. Williamson says, “There is so much talent out there and people are constantly looking for them, searching group internet sites and asking around, I thought the talent deserved a place to be located, sort of a one stop shop, to better show the world their abilities.”

Williamson is also searching for any dramatic arts training that welcomes people with DD.  She has dramatic arts programs in the southern California area where she has found many of the talented actors she has for television shows like; “Touched By An Angel,” “ER,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “CSI,” “The Guardian,” and “Nip/Tuck.”



Gail and "The Guardian" director Emilio Estevez discussing an upcoming scene.

In 1998 John Wells, Executive Producer of “ER” said of Gail’s work, “What Gail is doing is remarkable and important.  Using actors without disabilities to play characters with disabilities should be as unacceptable in Hollywood today as suggesting white actors in blackface play African American characters.”  In 1999 Frank Burke, father of actor Chris Burke who played Corky on “Life Goes On” said “Gail is a pioneer in pursuing roles for the ‘gifted’ challenged people.”  Casting director David Giella of “Touched by an Angel” once said “When we need actors with disabilities we call her (Gail) and she sends who we need to our offices.  She is doing it louder, faster and funnier than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Williamson the mother of Blair a professional actor since 1991 says she never would have chosen this work for herself.  Supporting Blair and his passion to act has caused her to stumble upon her destiny and now perhaps helping others with DD to discover their destinies as well.  To contact Williamson about being added to the Down Syndrome in Arts & Media Website or to locate talent, go to this page.


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